Review Process

Every article that goes to the editor will go through an initial review process by the Editorial Board. Then, the article will be sent to peer reviewers. Each article will be reviewed by a minimum of 2 (two) peer reviewers. After that, the article will be returned to the author for revision if there is an improvement from the reviewer. This process takes a maximum of one month. In each manuscript, peer reviewers will assess the substantial and technical aspects. Peer reviewers in collaboration with the Management Research Studies Journal (MRSJ) are experts in the field of management science. They are experienced in managing prestigious journals and their publications are spread across the national and international scope.
Management Research Studies Journal (MRSJ) is a scientific journal published by the Perbanas Institute, which contains scientific articles that are the output of research. The journal has a main focus on the development of management sciences The scope of knowledge includes marketing management, human resource management, financial management, change management, innovation management, business management