Customer Service Analysis, Application of Technology Applications, Product Variations on Customer Satisfaction (Study on Livin By Mandiri K CP Jayapura Business Center Products)


  • Yohanes Ferry Cahaya Perbanas Institute, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Widyarsih AV Rahajeng Perbanas Institute, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Rina Marlina L Perbanas Institute, Jakarta, Indonesia



customer service, application of technology applications, product variations and customer satisfaction


This research was conducted to test whether customer service , product variations , application of technology applications take effect partially and simultaneously on customer satisfaction. The study was conducted at Bank Mandiri KCP Jayapura Sentra Bisnis on Livin by Mandiri products using a sample of 96 people using the SPSS version 27 statistical test tool . Study this test : classical assumption test, namely normality test, heteroscedasticity test, multicollinearity test, multiple regression analysis, hypothesis testing (t test and f test) . The results showed that customer service , application of technology applications, and product variations have a partial and simultaneous impact on customer satisfaction and the application of technology applications is more dominant in influencing customer satisfaction


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